Buffalo Gold slot is one of the best slots available

Buffalo Gold slot and its general details

It has been designed by highly respectful Aristocrat Gaming software developer. The slot can be found on many online resources and guarantees generous payouts. There are several incarnations of this slot including wild version for multiplayers, classic as well as giant version of the game. There are scatter gold coins located on every single reel, which allow a player to have some free spinning opportunities.

Interface details and the gameplay

The interface of Buffalo Gold slot machine has very colorful and high resolution schemes. It attracts players very much and allows them to dive into the atmosphere of the game. The reels have the images of buffalo, wolfs, hawks, gold buffalo, card games symbols like K, Q, J, 9,10 and indeed x2, etc. The target is to get the best combination that will result either in a win, double, jackpot, extra spins, etc. Here are some game play combinations:

  • Buffalo, Buffalo, Buffalo, x2, Buffalo will result in super big win;
  • Gold bonus free games can be collected when: 3 scatters = 8 free games, 4 scatters = 815 free games, 5 scatters = 20 free games;
  • Collect gold buffalo to change an item in the buffalo meter;
  • Collecting certain amount of gold buffalos for each other items of hawks, wolfs cougars, etc. can be changed for real buffalo;
  • 5 extra free games will be obtained by a player if two or more lands will appear on the reels;
  • Every winning land can be replaced by x2 or x3 that can result in x6 winning line.

There are plenty of other combinations in the gameplay, so it is really worth giving it a try.

Design and active buttons

Buffalo Gold slot can guarantee decent wins if the active buttons are known well and its design is remembered. Indeed, this slot machine has an outstanding design and very attractive schemes that rarely can be found anywhere else. It is very beautiful and captivating. The active buttons that can be used are:

  • X2;
  • X3;
  • Lands;
  • Gold buffalo.

There are few other active buttons that can be used but they appear very rarely.


Symbols are responsible for overall combinations that will appear on all reels, including Buffalo Gold slot machine free play. The symbols include animals such as: buffalo, gold buffalo, cougar, wolf, deer, hawk, scatters, card games symbols, lands, x2, x3. There are also quite a few other symbols that may appear.

How to play this slot?

All that players have to do is to get the maximum amount of buffalos on the interface. Differ combinations in lines or on several reels will result different amount of wins.

Different amount of gold buffalos can change other animals for real buffalos that may be held to get desired combination. Winning land may result to use x2 and x3 items to increase the wins up to x6.


Buffalo Gold slot and its rules will allow to implement number of different strategies but it depends on the priority of a player. Here are some of them:

  • Target to get buffalos in line hold whenever it is appropriate.
  • Always collect certain number of gold buffalos from the number above 4, so that other items can be replaced.
  • Use land icons to multiple the amount, which is won.
  • Use scatters to build additional lines and get bonuses.

The number of strategies that can be implemented is virtually endless, so use the one, which is appropriate for a particular player’s style.

Advantages of playing Buffalo Gold slot

Buffalo Gold slot online free bonuses are one of the major advantages, which players can benefit from. There are also:

  • Bonuses;
  • Additional spins;
  • Multiplying of wins;
  • Mega jackpots on some versions;
  • Maximum x120 line hit;
  • Winning free games.

The list of advantages is endless and this is why the slot has become so popular.

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