Game of thrones slot machine is very popular with a large number of players.

Game of thrones slot machine

The popular manufacturer of online slots Microgaming has created another masterpiece, namely, the Game Of Thrones slot machine.

It was created based on the eponymous series and immerses the player in the atmosphere. Starks, Baratheons, Linisters, Targaryen all these houses are fighting for the victory of Westeros.

Interface and Gameplay

Colorful graphics and high odds will help the player to feel one of the houses on the spot, and the famous musical theme will perfectly complement this atmosphere. It was created specifically for lovers of the famous works of George Martin, and gives them the opportunity to earn up to 75,000 credits per bet.

The game of thrones captures players from the first minutes of the game by the enmity of the Targaryen, starks, the confrontation of the bartheons and lanisters, as well as the eternal battle for the iron throne.

Design and active buttons

The game has a number of its characteristics that will help the player better understand. Namely:

  • Five reels.
  • Bonus game for free spins.
  • Scatter.
  • Wild symbol – the logo of the series Game of Thrones.
  • 15 betting lines.
  • The rate is from 1 credit per line.
  • Control buttons and info with coefficients.

Symbols Game Slots

In the slot machine, we must pay tribute to the developers who were able to transfer the exciting plot of the series to the gaminator. The design in dark brown tones brings the player closer to the serial theme, and the symbols of the iron throne and the logo of the series only enhance the effect. Game of thrones slot machine review will help any player to understand the gameplay.

There is no bonus level, such as in other games with separate graphics or a mini-game. It is expressed in the Game of Thrones as a round with a certain amount of free spins with a fixed profit margin. The Targaryen House will give the player 18 free spins with a coefficient of x2. House Stark will give the player 14 spins with a coefficient of x3. Linisters will bring 10 spins with x5 coefficient. Baratheons in the bonus game have a maximum coefficient of x5, but at the same time they have a minimum number of spins – 8 pieces.

Logos of houses on the emulator drums add a special charm. The reading line is made both left to right and right to left. The maximum profit is five drops in one line of certain symbols. Profit from the wild symbol will look as follows. Five drops x1000.00, four drops x 200.00, three drops x 30.00. The lanisters will bring the player with five drops of the token – x 500.00, with four – x100.00, with three – x20.00. Starks, in turn, are less profitable, five characters are x 400.00, four are x75.00, and three are only 15.00.

The Targaryens bring at five symbol lines – x 350.00, four symbols – x40.00, three symbols – x 12.00. Baratheons have some of the highest multipliers in the game. The five values of the house on the reels are x600.00, the four symbols of the house are x190.00, the three values on the slot are x25.00.

How to play in a game slot

In addition, there are familiar card symbols. Ace, ten – will bring an additional 20 to 1000 credits of profit from the bet.

A scatter in the form of an iron throne will give the player the opportunity to receive a payout of 150 credits when a single symbol appears on any reels. If there are more characters, then the payout will be 3,000 credits. If five elements appear, the player will receive 30,000 credits. Also, the scatter launches the bonus level. Game of thrones slot machine online allows you to enjoy the gameplay.

Strategies, tips, secrets

The game platform will allow the player to feel all the battles and battles between the great houses of westeros on themselves. The following premium features are available for players:

  • Automatic withdrawal of money to the account.
  • Automatic replenishment of the balance of the slot.
  • Automatic currency conversion when withdrawing money.
  • The minimum commission for withdrawal.

To get a big win, it is recommended to play on all lines at the highest bet. How to win the game of thrones slot machine every player must know in order to maximize their chances of winning. Jackpot can be received by any player regardless of the experience of the game.

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