777 slot machine jackpot

777 slot machine jackpot: types and features

Modern online casinos offer all gamblers who are not averse to getting a portion of especially thrills, to play 777 slot machines. Many of them have a popular set of characteristics in 5 reels and 9-10 lines, and their gameplay is supplemented by very familiar free spins with multipliers and sometimes other bonus features. Here is the opportunity to win one of the 777 slot machine jackpot that will enrich you in an instant.

List of the best double jackpot slots and their main features

777 slot machines are highly dispersed. This means that combinations are relatively rare, but their cost is very high. If three sevens appear on the reels, then all the problems are behind, and the account is replenished with a round sum. You won’t get such gambling sensations on any modern fashionable slots. Consider the features of the best double 777 jackpot slot games:

  1. “Double Jackpot” is a classic slot machine where you have a great opportunity to win a big jackpot. The slot has 3 reels, where the symbols are combined into winning combinations with large payouts. The higher the bet, the greater the probability of winning.
  2. “Double Jackpot” slot by Everi – a slot machine with a small number of lines, but with two large jackpots and Wild Symbols. One of the jackpots brings more than 10,000 coins.

The classic 777 slot machines described above are among the best in order to win big prizes. Each newcomer should try its luck and get the legendary jackpots in 777 slots.


777 slot machine jackpot: how to win a black & white progressive jackpot?

Black & white progressive jackpot slot machine is one of the most popular slot machines where you can win a big jackpot. Let’s look at the features of the slot and under what conditions you can break a big jackpot:

  • Technical specifications include 1 payline and 3 reels;
  • The slot has a classic graphics;
  • The slot machine has symbols in the form of multi-colored sevens and the logo of the game with a jackpot;
  • Three sevens of different colors bring a win in the amount of your bet multiplied by 20. Three white sevens bring a 40x win, and three black sevens – 100x. If three red sevens appear, you will receive the amount of your bet multiplied by 200;
  • 777 slot machine jackpot in the amount of 10000x can be won if you get three jackpot symbols.

If you are not ready to play for money yet, you can always play 777 jackpot slots for free and win generous jackpots. Are you still in doubt to try your luck? Just remember the “golden” rule of the player: “Without small losses, there will be no generous wins, because luck is the reward for courage and patience.”

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